About Russian Visa

Escape Travel can help you obtain a Russian Tourist or Business Visa.

All foreigners visiting Russian Federation require a Russian Visa. In order to receive one, you need a so-called Visa Support Letter from a Russian side, usually an authorized travel agency. Visa Support Letter is not a visa, it should be taken to a Russian Consulate where the actual visa is issued. Escape Travel can quickly and professionally issue and email or Fax this form to you. Visa Support Letter is partially in Russian and consists of 2 parts. Left part is visa support letter itself with your personal data: citizenship, date of birth & passport number. Right part is a hotel voucher confirming that you stay at a certain hotel during the period of validity of your visa

You will have to pay the Russian Consular fees yourself as well as for the logistics involved in getting your passport to and from the Russian Consulate. Russian Visa processing prices vary according to your citizenship and the Russian Consulate applied to. After you have received your Visa Support Letter, you should bring or send a copy of it along with the other documents to the Russian Consulate in your country. Before sending any documentation to the Russian Consulate we suggest that you check with them regarding other documents that are required and receive information concerning the processing in your specific country.

Within 3 working days upon arrival to Russia, the visa should be registered by the guest either at a hotel or at a local registration office (UVIR).


NO VISA can be purchased upon arrival to Russia.

NOT REGISTERING your Russian Visa may lead to serious problems: detention by police, fines on departure, prevention from boarding the plane, etc. Your visa will be registered automatically if you stay in a hotel.

Coming to Russia for a seminar, conference or a meeting never state "business" as the purpose of your travel. Business visas are much more expensive and require lots of extra paperwork.